Benefits of ESOP Membership

Here are the companies and the people who are making successful employee ownership a reality! The Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter provides regularly-scheduled opportunities in the region for ESOP networking with other employee owners and ESOP professionals. And we do it better than almost anyone! As part of The ESOP Association, the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter has been selected three times as the Outstanding Chapter in the country and it’s because of the tremendous network we’ve created among the members of the Minnesota/Dakotas ESOP community. If you’re looking for the chance to talk with other ESOP company personnel, seeking information about the use of ESOP as an ownership transition tool or searching for professional ESOP expertise, the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter of The ESOP Association is the right place to begin!

With the increase in the use of the ESOP incentive in recent years, the need for practical, honest information has grown, as well. Prospective, new and mature ESOP companies look for the real life experiences of others who have already taken the ESOP step. And that’s just what the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter delivers. 

Benefits of Membership

Benefits both locally and nationally: 

  • Full and concurrent membership with The ESOP Association, the country’s largest employee-ownership organization.
  • Quarterly seminars focused on topical ESOP issues presented by ESOP experts.
  • Programs featuring profiles of some of the most successful ESOP companies in the world.
  • ESOP roundtables for the exchange of ideas between companies and their employee-owners.
  • Eggs ‘n ESOP breakfast meetings hosted by member ESOP companies to showcase their ownership efforts and results.
  • Interface between the ESOP professional community and other ESOP companies.
  • Forums for employee-owners at all levels of the organization.
  • National lobbying and legislative activities and information to support the ESOP movement.
  • Strategic thinking about ESOP, business and management.
  • Business and management trends of general interest and application not readily accessible through other associations or memberships.
  • Savings on ESOP conferences, seminars & retreats covering all aspects of employee ownership through ESOPs.
  • Access to on-line, real-time ESOP news and resources, including an online ESOP membership directory and the ABC’s of ESOPs, an interactive learning module for ESOP participants.
  • Monthly newsletter “The ESOP Report” covering topics such as ESOP communication plans and managerial and operational practices.
  • Access to Fiduciary / Trustee liability insurance.
  • Technical assistance for ESOP related questions.
  • Referral service to ESOP service providers
  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounts on ESOP technical, communication tools and ownership culture building publications and products
  • Media and press release assistance.
    The Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter is linked with 17 other chapter groups throughout the U.S., creating an even broader network of ESOP information and experience whenever needed. Members thus enjoy not only the closeness and access of other Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota companies, but also the range of industries and histories of ESOP firms across the country. Nowhere else is this company-to-company connection so close and immediate. Here you can learn about ESOP in companies of your size, your industry, your region, your ownership structure, or identify the ESOP professional who’s just right for you...


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